Advocacy: Speak up for your profession!


V-PAC: OVMA's veterinary political action committee

Although the acronym PAC may have negative connotations, the important role V-PAC plays in OVMA's government relations cannot be understated. 

It gives you a strong voice in politics by helping to elect and retain candidates who understand and are open to the interests, issues and concerns of the veterinary medicine profession. During its history, V-PAC has grown to become an important element in assisting statewide office holders and legislative leaders, and a key to OVMA's legislative successes.

Levels of Contribution

The V-PAC contribution levels are as follows:

  • Grassroots Club: $25 - $49
  • Assembly Club: $50 - $99
  • Capitol Club: $100 - $199
  • Legislative Club: $200 or more

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VETwork: OVMA's grassroots network

To have a truly effective legislative program, OVMA needs an active grassroots network. Legislators listen to and appreciate the views of their constituents.

As a member of VETwork, your expertise will help legislators understand the impact legislation can have on the practice of veterinary medicine, animal welfare, and on each legislator's district and its constituents. Contact from local constituents on issues being decided at the Statehouse brings the issue home to legislators and allows them to make fully informed decisions.

We understand you are busy professionals with many work and personal commitments. As such, we've designed participation in VETwork to be simple with minimal time commitments.

How You Can Help

When your assistance is needed, an Action Alert will be emailed to you asking you to contact your legislators. The Alert will provide information on the specific issue and recommended talking points. Your only task will be to place a call, email or write your legislator and express your opinion. We'll provide all the relevant information you need —including talking points, a sample letter and the contact information. All you'll need to do is place the call, send the email or drop a letter in the mail. It's that simple. Taking a few minutes to make this contact will have a big impact on OVMA's legislative success.

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Other Advocacy Opportunities

  • OVMA Legislative Day — Each year, OVMA invites members to sign up for Legislative Day, during which participants meet with their legislators in order to educate them and share the veterinary perspective on current issues. The event generally takes place in April. Learn more »