PT Veterinarian- West Akron/Summit County

Good News! Creekside Animal Clinic in West Akron/Summit County is looking for a part-time associate. Creekside’s culture and daily operations are unique compared to other practices. At Creekside you get to work side by side with veterinary specialists, a dedicated support staff, and a diverse complement of DVM’s. The pay is excellent and the benefits are generous. Our docs share weekend duty and support each other better that VIN supports you now. You can do as little or as much surgery as you want. We support a strong dental culture, have a class IV Companion laser, and all the “bells and whistles” offered by our association with Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital. Call Creekside at 330-825-9556, Dr. Messner at 330-289-9341 or email interest and inquiries to

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