OVMA recognizes Winsley, Shriver, Washington for contributions to veterinary medicine

Bill Winsley, former executive director of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, was honored with the OVMA Special Achievement Award.

COLUMBUS, OHIO — MARCH 1, 2012 — Three local individuals were recognized by Ohio Veterinary Medical Association’s (OVMA) outgoing President Dr. Linda Lord for their contributions to veterinary medicine and the community during awards ceremonies at the annual Midwest Veterinary Conference (MVC), Feb. 23-26.

Ohio Board of Pharmacy’s recently retired Executive Director Bill Winsley was honored with the OVMA’s Special Achievement Award for his exemplary record of service and dedication to the veterinary profession.

“Throughout his tenure, he offered sage counsel, honest perspectives, fairness and a genuine interest in serving the people of Ohio,” Dr. Lord said at the awards ceremony.

Dr. Lisa Shriver (left) was given the OVMA Distinguished Service Award by outgoing President Dr. Linda Lord (right).

Two Columbus veterinarians were honored with the OVMA’s Distinguished Service Award, given annually in recognition of outstanding service.

The first recipient, Dr. Lisa Shriver, contributed to the relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina during several trips to New Orleans as a veterinary student. More recently, she volunteered her time closer to home when she helped care for nearly 400 dogs seized during a 2011 animal hoarding case in Clark County.

Dr. Calvin Washington was recognized with the OVMA Distinguished Service Award


Dr. Calvin Washington, veterinarian at East Columbus Veterinary Hospital, also received the award in recognition of his military service. Dr. Washington is a member of the U.S. Army Reserves, for which he completed two tours of duty overseas. He earned the Bronze Star Medal twice for his outstanding military service.



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