Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

Animal Response Plan Tool Kit (pdf) — This guide, developed by the Animal Health Emergency Technical Advisory Committee, provides local jurisdictions information and tools that will assist them in developing local/county Animal Response Plans for use in the response to emergencies and disasters. In addition, it supports the continuity of vital agriculture operations; and promotes responsible animal care, the continued companionship of household pets, and the reduction of the incidence of harmful interactions between humans and non-domestic animals in the event of a disaster.

AVMA Disaster Preparedness for Veterinarians — Collection of Web sites, guides, FAQs, recordings and resources by state.
Disaster Planning - ONN Radio Commercial (mp3)
Ohio Emergency Management Agency Animal Response Page — Includes sample implementation instructions and guidance for developing local response plans, as well as information on animal diseases, euthanasia guidelines, animal handling guidelines, agencies and after-hours contact information, and disinfection instructions.
Pet Preparedness Tips — Includes checklists of important items to prepare for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, swine, cattle and other animals in case of an emergency.
Ready America — Tools and resources geared toward the creation of an emergency plan for pet owners, as well as suggested supplies to include in a basic emergency kit.