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What to Consider Before Purchasing a Horse (7/29/11)
Every child dreams about being given a horse, but the decision to bring one home is much more complicated than simply indulging these wishes. OVMA members Dr. Vanessa Douglas and Dr. Michael Kerns talk about what you need to consider before purchasing a horse.

Taking Precautions Around Toxic Algae (8/24/10)
Buckeye Ag Radio Network's (BARN) "The Ohio Veterinarian" host Joe Cornely talks with Ohio State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Forshey about the state's increase in harmful algal blooms (HABs), precautions to take, and symptoms of an infected animal.

OVMA at the Ohio State Fair (7/29/10)
Buckeye Ag Radio Network's (BARN) "The Ohio Veterinarian" host Joe Cornely and OVMA Education and Events Coordinator Mia Cunningham discuss the OVMA's role in the 2010 Ohio State Fair, including the popular Birthing Center.

The Importance of Microchipping (7/15/10)
OVMA Board of Directors officers Dr. Ryan Zimmerman and Dr. Linda Lord discuss the importance of microchipping pets for identification purposes.

USDA National Veterinary Accreditation Program FAQ (5/10/10)
This episode, recorded at the 2010 Midwest Veterinary Conference, features OVMA Member, Dr. Susan Skorupski of the USDA, answering common questions asked by veterinarians regarding recent changes to the National Veterinary Accreditation Program. The changes became effective Feb. 1, 2010.

Ohio's State Veterinarian Update: Aquaculture & Framework for Animal Disease Traceability (4/26/10)
During the 2010 Midwest Veterinary Conference, Dr. Tony Forshey takes the opportunity to provide an update on the aquaculture industry in Ohio and to discuss the status of the framework for animal disease traceability.

Ohio's State Veterinarian Update (7/24/09)
On July 9, 2009, Dr. Tony Forshey talked with Dr. Robert Knapp about a variety of issues affecting animal health in Ohio and around the country such as CEM, the H1N1 virus, Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Johnes Disease, TB, Vesicular Stomatitis and Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

OSU New Bioethicist Interview (4/16/09)
Joe Cornely of the Ohio Farm Bureau Radio Services talks with OSU's new Bioethicist Dr. Candace Croney.

Ohio Veterinarian with Dr. John Weale (4/16/09)
Joe Cornely of the Ohio Farm Bureau Radio Services interviews 2009-2010 OVMA President Dr. John Weale about equine issues affecting Ohio.

Indoor Cat Initiative (4/3/09)
During the 2009 Midwest Veterinary Conference, Dr. Gary Thompson takes the opportunity to sit down with MVC speaker Dr. Tony Buffington to discuss the Indoor Cat Initiative.

Transitional Cow Management in a Dairy Herd (4/3/09)
During the 2009 Midwest Veterinary Conference, Dr. Ryan Zimmerman takes an opportunity to talk with MVC speaker Dr. Sheila McGuirk about transitional cow management in a dairy herd.