About OVMA

Our Purpose

OVMA is dedicated to fostering the core principles of stewardship, compassion, community, and lifelong learning in veterinary medicine.


We are committed to serving both people and animals responsibly, with integrity and with purpose. OVMA is governed by a 20-member Board of Directors made up of veterinarians representing a variety of disciplines, communities, backgrounds, and opinions. As the guiding body of the Association,  the Board is charged with establishing policies, allocating association resources, and charting future strategies, all with one goal in mind: To ensure the vitality and health of our profession and the people and animals we serve.


OVMA is a trusted and valued source of information—not only for veterinarians, but government bodies, academic institutions, researchers, and the general public. With the help of our 3,400+ members, we share the veterinary perspective with lawmakers, educate pet owners and the public, and support the animal care community.


The driving force behind everything we do is to ensure animals in our care are treated humanely. We believe animals' interests should be given thoughtful consideration by individuals and society through the balancing of scientific knowledge and ethical, philosophical, and moral values.

Lifelong Learning

As an organization, OVMA is committed to advancing veterinary knowledge, and as such, is a recognized provider of professional continuing education. OVMA hosts the annual Midwest Veterinary Conference, one of the largest and highest-rated veterinary conferences in North America.