Do you like Pina Coladas?

And gettin’ caught in the rain?

If you like being a Veterinarian

And gettin’ to spend time away

If you’re not a businesswoman (or man)

Wish your staff had a brain

If you like havin’ health and benefits

for your whooole family

Then we’re the hospital you’ve dreamed of

Come to us and escape…


Just like this catchy tune, you may find yourself dreaming of a new hospital. Unlike the song, your hospital is still Pina Coladaless, and you’re left tired of the mundane.

My name is Jaimee, I’m the Director of Operations, our Captain of Happy here in paradise. Where is paradise, you ask? We are a centrally located hospital, a few blocks from Kenwood Mall in Deer Park, Ohio. Perfectly named, Deer Park Veterinary Hospital.

So like many, we are on the hunt for a new associate. Someone who is ready to be a brick in our outstanding foundation. Unfortunately next May, we are deeply saddened to lose Dr. Naas, one of two superstar veterinarians here in paradise. As she sends her youngest to college she is ready to start traveling the world, and Cincy just can’t compete with Chicago’s better flights and prices. We may be sad, but it’s not goodbye, as she already has plans to visit her DPVH family, and provide relief for you… when you’re on vacation.

Okay, so this is the point where I am supposed to bore you with a job description. If you want that, you might as well go back to reading all the other ads because I am about to take you on a little trip to paradise…

Our hospital is certainly unlike most hospitals. You’re going to feel it the minute you step through the door. It’s modern, it’s clean, it’s organized, and at times it smells like the beach (LOL but that depends on the candle).

For this daydream, imagine you’re a client bringing your dog in for a visit. Our CSR, Liz, is one of the first bricks you’ll meet. She’s been here through three owners over the last 45 years. She greets you with a smile and the latest photo of one of her four grandsons. She then asks how your son is by name and then you show her your latest photo of him. Elli, our lead RVT, of 15 years, opens the lobby door and takes you into a room. She knows your dog, their favorite treat, and your dog’s history better than you do. Next enters Dr. Natale, the same doctor you’ve seen for the last 20 years, and through three other animals’ lives. You are as excited as your dog to see her. They give your dog his updates and he doesn’t even flinch because he’s too distracted by the treats. You’re happy because your dog is happy. You laugh, cry, and talk like you share a fence line. You feel like part of the family, one of the bricks in our foundation.

Okay, come back to reality for a second. As you may have noticed, retention and that family feeling seem to be the main ingredients in our secret sauce. We are not perfect, as we have lost a few employees along the way. But they stay family and are the only “clients” who get invited to the holiday party.

As an employee working in paradise, I promise to give you:

Yeah, you read that right…

I PROMISE to give you the work-life balance you never knew you could have. You will work alternating Saturdays for 4.5 hours.

I PROMISE to give you the same day off during the week and make sure you leave early on your surgery day. Do you like long weekends? We love our free time around here, we work efficiently to make sure we all leave work at work and pull out of the parking lot on time each day.

I PROMISE to always surround you with intelligent and caring staff members. We are proudly a technician and assistant-led hospital, meaning we never stop training and supporting them and their goals. We love technology and use the cloud-based practice management software, Ezyvet. A great team and well-working technology propel us to the next level when it comes to hospital flow.

I PROMISE to grow your mind and support your personal and professional growth. Shoot for the moon! We love CE and gaining new knowledge. We want everyone to have access to the best resources our industry has to offer. No need to worry about being asked to help manage the hospital. I’ll take care of that and leave the saving of animals to you! If you do want to be a part of the business side of things, I’ll support your interests wherever they take us!

I PROMISE to give to you comradery and mentorship. We are a team, and as a team, we share our caseload and bounce ideas off one another. There is never judgment for needing a second opinion or a second pair of hands. We will always be there for you, even if the occasional head-scratching case happens on our day off.

I PROMISE to always provide you with great benefits! Every year, we will pay for your professional fees and licenses, along with a clothing allowance. Competitive health, dental, and vision insurance plans are offered for the whole family. There is, of course, a professional discount for yourself, your family, and your friends. But last and, certainly not least, there is a profit-sharing bonus program that rewards doctors and the team each year for outstanding dedication and hard work.

Honestly, I could go on and on about what makes this place such an outstanding place to work (I’ve been here 8 years myself) but you need to come and experience it for yourself.

I dare you to come to paradise, the light side, or whatever your happy place is called. Take the leap…change your path…follow the sound of the blender. We will be waiting for you with your Pina Colada!

  • Organization Type : Small/Pet Animal
  • Hours : Full Time, Part Time, Per Diem
  • Pay Type : Salary
  • Benefits : CE Allowance, Discount Pet Care, Insurance: Medical, Dental, and/or Vision, Insurance: Liability, Expenses Reimbursement, Mentorship, No Emergency and/or On-Call Hours, Ownership/Partnership Potential, Paid License Fees, Paid Professional Dues, Paid Time Off, Relocation Assistance/Reimbursement, Student Loan Payment Assistance, Uniform Allowance
  • How to Apply : Apply today by sending your resume to [email protected]