Don’t drink the Koolade or sell your soul for a sign-on bonus!

Instead…live your best veterinary life!  Practice veterinary medicine in a privately owned clinic! Why? Because the private practice is the clinic of your childhood dreams.  Trusting client relationships are built in a family practice, not at a pet shop clinic.  

At our private practice, we work as a team to support your development as a practitioner.  Our chief of staff has a lifetime of experience and her mentorship will be dedicated to one vet, and that vet is you. It doesn’t matter how quickly or slowly you spay a dog. It doesn’t matter whether you were at the top or bottom of your class.  We don’t care if you have never seen a case of this or that. What we care about is integrity, empathy, dependability, honesty, humility, drive, and a willingness to learn.  

Our support system is part of why I am proud to say that we enjoy coming to work.  There is a tech for every doctor and an assistant for every tech.  Our work schedule is very reasonable. We don’t do weekends, we keep“bankers’ hours” during the week, and we always take lunch.  We have enhanced our efficiency using our well-equipped lab, automated cytology, and AI-assisted X-ray interpretation.  You will never leave work feeling overworked, underpaid, overburdened by quotas, or unsupported.  You will be encouraged to learn, share your ideas, and be a member of our team.  

Pets over Production. Mentorship over Management. Quality over Quantity.

Character over Capital.

Sounds ideal, but what’s up with Ohio?

Don’t sleep on Ohio.  Cincinnati is a wonderful city!  No traffic woes, fantastic for sports enthusiasts, she has beautiful architecture and is affordable.  The Queen City also offers a diversity of four seasons and of cultures.  We have a chic downtown clinic located near the best restaurants, entertainment venues, and river walk.  Our second clinic is located in a suburb known for its beautiful green spaces, scenic views of the Ohio Valley, and natural hiking trails.  There is plenty to do for singles and families. Love to travel? We are 6 hours from Pittsburg, Atlanta, Nashville, Grand Rapids, and Chicago. 

Be the family vet you always wanted to be in a beautiful city! 

We are easygoing, so reach out!  We would love to meet you!  There is so much more about us and the position that we want to share. Let’s see if we are a match!

  • Organization Type : Avian/Exotic, Holistic/Integrative, Small/Pet Animal, Specialty/Referral, Other
  • Hours : Full Time, Part Time
  • Pay Type : Hourly, ProSal
  • Benefits : CE Allowance, Discount Pet Care, Insurance: Disability, Insurance: Medical, Dental, and/or Vision, Insurance: Liability, Expenses Reimbursement, Mentorship, No Emergency and/or On-Call Hours, No Weekend Hours, Ownership/Partnership Potential, Paid License Fees, Paid Professional Dues, Paid Time Off, Relocation Assistance/Reimbursement, Sign-On Bonus, Uniform Allowance, Wellness Program
  • How to Apply : Submit cover letter and CV via email to Dr. Catalan at [email protected]