There are tons of veterinarian job openings right now telling you how amazing it would be to work with us and how you’ll hug puppies and kittens all day. (Picture Sarah McLachlan song playing in the background).  What if we were real in our ads? (now picture AC/DC song playing)

Here’s what ours would say:

  • At Community Pet Care Clinic, we desperately need another veterinarian to keep up with our demand (like every other practice in America), and it’s starting to feel like finding a unicorn — so we are ready to give our firstborn child to get the perfect veterinarian here! Ok, we don’t have children. How about a 13 year old Chihuahua who will try to bite your face off if you pet her?  We’re just kidding about Chihuahua biting your face off (mostly) — but we really do have some kick ass benefits, a great mission and talented team!
  • You know all that training you got in vet school to hit a vein and draw blood? Yeah we know that never happened. That’s why we have talented, experienced techs whose mad skills we utilize to the max, making your job easier. And they appreciate using their skills since it took them two years of blood, sweat and we-won’t-talk-about-how-much-money to get their technician license.
  • You will sometimes be covered in fluids and materials you can’t identify but most likely are anal glands and poop. We’re the kind of team who will point this out to you and help clean you up.
  • At some point in your career you’ll find yourself questioning why you are in veterinary medicine when you are curled up at home in a fetal position eating ice cream — but at least you’ll be doing it knowing that you are part of a bigger mission and with a fun team who has your back and makes sure you have your favorite flavor (and remember they will also clean up poop and fluids off your scrubs).
  • You’ll be tired for sure, but at least it will only be 4 days a week (40 hours) and no weekends! You’ll get out on time because we give you time to see appointments and write up records so you can go home and crash on your couch while it’s still daylight — and see all the dust in the daytime that you never saw before when you were at your previous job and getting home at 8pm.
  • Remember when you were a little kid dreaming of being a vet and helping all the animals? Remember how part of that was getting called a money-grubbing vet who only cares about the all-mighty dollar? No? that wasn’t part of your dream? Ours either. We’ll get you as close as possible to the part that was your dream about helping animals.  We have payment support options and we work with clients where they are at budget-wise so you don’t have to turn pets away if they don’t qualify for Care Credit.  And when financial conversations come up, our payment support team (which isn’t you!) takes over, so you get to focus on practicing medicine like you always wanted to.
  • You will get to eat lunch for 30 minutes. For real. (Sitting down in a break room, not standing wolfing down Doritos in between pulling warbels out of a cat). Now if that’s how you want to eat lunch, we can negotiate but we prefer you sit and eat (mostly for our admin staff who can’t handle watching warbels without losing their own lunch).

We want to tell you about our amazing metroparks that are within 5 miles of every resident, and our award winning zoo, and nationally acclaimed art museum and that we are so close to Lake Erie and Cedar Point amusement park. But then when you get excited about the boating and entertainment options, we tell you it’s in Toledo, OH and we see that horrified look on your face. You try to hide it but it’s there. We realize you’re probably only still reading if you are moving back here to be near family because that’s the only way we get people. But seriously, Toledo really is cool! Did we mention that we’re famous for Katie Holmes, Klinger and featured in a John Denver song? Ok, that probably doesn’t help make our case. But we can laugh at ourselves and holy Toledo we do have a great baseball team! Please consider us.

Don’t make us beg. We will though. We just need that right-fit unicorn veterinarian — we know you are out there and want to take a leap of faith to join us, and change your life and ours.

Seriously….Here’s why you should take that leap:

  • We do have great support staff, kick ass work/life balance and benefits, stellar google reviews and are looking for a veterinarian who wants to be part of an independently owned practice where we want your ideas and input and encourage your passion projects.
  • And we’ve got an important mission to increase access to veterinary care for all pets. We’re doing this by building partnerships in our community with non-profits and human health and social workers.  We are teaching this model to other practices nationwide: about how to still get paid for services without having to turn away clients and pets in need. So you’ll be part of something even bigger.
  • We’ve got cool toys like an ultrasound, digital radiographs and dental radiographs…with a wish-list the length of your arm for more fun things to play with.

Check out our ad so we don’t have to attach pictures showing our sad staff because you didn’t apply: https://communitypetcareclinic.com/careers

To apply, email [email protected]

  • Organization Type : Small/Pet Animal
  • Hours : Full Time, Part Time
  • Pay Type : Salary
  • Benefits : CE Allowance, Discount Pet Care, Insurance: Medical, Dental, and/or Vision, No Emergency and/or On-Call Hours, No Weekend Hours, Paid License Fees, Paid Professional Dues, Paid Time Off, Uniform Allowance
  • How to Apply : email [email protected]