food animal externship

For students studying veterinary medicine, the best way to learn is by firsthand experience. In an effort to encourage students who want to take their education to the next level, the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association will provide a total of $8,000 in matching grant funds to veterinarians willing to introduce students to food animal medicine.

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Purpose of the Program

This externship opportunity has been established to facilitate the exploration of food animal medicine as a viable career path among veterinary medicine students. The program also encourages and supports OVMA food animal practitioners in developing mentorship opportunities and, potentially, future associate veterinarians.

Approved Practices

To be eligible to receive a grant, food animal medicine must make up at least 25 percent of your practice’s activity. This includes bovine, swine, ovine, poultry or aquaculture veterinary medicine. However, the Committee may approve other areas on a case-by-case basis.

Only practices located in Ohio qualify for the program, and at least half of the practicing veterinarians must be members in good standing with the OVMA. Practices must also agree to engage students in food animal medicine for the majority of the externship, as well as match OVMA externship funds dollar for dollar. If your practice meets these criteria, you may be awarded up to $1,500 for the 2016 program.

Participating practices also agree to be responsible and to hold harmless the OVMA from all employment responsibilities and liabilities.

Eligible Students

OVMA Student Members in their first, second or third year of veterinary school are eligible to apply for the Food Animal Externship. OVMA also requires that student applicants be in good academic standing and provide a brief evaluation of their experience following the program.

Use of Funds

These funds may be used to host one student or multiple students simultaneously. Practices participating in the program may only use grant monies for the following reasons:

• Compensation to the student
• Scholarship funds to be used toward the student(s)’ education
• Stipends for lodging and/or food
• Appropriate clothing and/or equipment needed to perform externship duties

If for any reason, students do not complete the externship, unused funds shall be returned to the OVMA within 30 days. Further, at the completion of the program, any unused funds will revert back to the OVMA general operating fund.

Determination of Grants

In order to be considered for the externship program, interested practices must submit their applications by Feb. 15. In requesting funds, practices are asked to indicate what portions of the grant will be used for compensation, lodging and food. Grant requests are subject to approval in form and amount, or disapproval, by a Committee that has been appointed by the OVMA President for such purposes. Any OVMA member whose practice has submitted an application for the program is not eligible to serve on this Committee.