Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month by taking your pet to the vet

October is National Pet Wellness Month Ñ a reminder to ensure your pet's health by taking him to the vet!


Speak Up for Your Pet by Taking Them to the Vet!

Pets, just like people, need regular physical check-ups from their doctor. Your veterinarian is an expert on pet wellness and disease prevention. October is National Pet Wellness Month, a perfect time to ensure your petÕs health by talking to your veterinarian about regular exams, disease prevention and pet health insurance.

Visiting the Vet

Veterinarians of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) recommend at least an annual examination for your pet. The typical examination for your furry friend includes checking the teeth, ears, eyes, skin, heart, lungs, abdomen, muscles, nervous system, lymph nodes, bones and joints. During an exam, your veterinarian will also make recommendations regarding vaccinations, medications, any additional testing and home care that will ensure your petÕs health. If you have any questions or concerns about your petÕs health, speak up during the exam! This is the best time to discuss both medical and behavior issues with your veterinarian. For instance, is your pet drinking more or less water than usual, or having accidents in the house? Have you noticed any weight changes? Is your pet biting, scratching or chewing? Any change in how your pet acts may indicate a disease condition that may be treated to keep your pet feeling better and in optimal health.  

Disease Prevention

Your veterinarian will also recommend a heartworm preventive, which is available as either a monthly product (topical or oral) given year round, or as an injection given twice a year. In addition, a monthly treatment to prevent fleas, which can transmit diseases to pets and people, should be administered as well. Regular home dental care is another important part of your petÕs care, as is regular professional dental cleaning for your dog or cat.

Pet Insurance

No doubt youÕve heard about pet insurance, which has become more popular in recent years. Pet health insurance may help you afford the best veterinary care needed for your pet. Coverage ranges widely: some plans cover only accidents and major illnesses, while others are much more comprehensive and cover medications, vaccinations, blood testing and dental care. Each pet health insurance provider has unique offerings in terms of coverage and benefits they provide. The OVMA encourages interested pet owners to do some research (start with the AVMAÕs resource on pet insurance) and talk to your veterinarian about the pros and cons of pet insurance.   In October and every month, OVMA reminds pet owners to take steps to keep your pets healthy. Pledge to take your pet to the veterinarian for a wellness check up at least once a year and at the first signs of illness. Because they canÕt talk, it is up to you to speak up for your furry companions. By being a partner with your veterinarian in your petÕs health, you can take the correct preventive health measures that are right for you and your pet to avoid illness or injury. For more information, contact your local pet health expert, your veterinarian, and discuss with them what your pet needs.  

About the OVMA

The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) is a non-profit organization providing services to its members in the areas of continuing education, advocacy on public policy matters, and access to variety of professional resources. The OVMA represents more than 2,400 veterinarians practicing in various fields and specialties. The OVMAÕs principal purpose and mission is to foster life-long learning, stewardship, compassion and community in veterinary medicine. Learn more about the OVMA and access a wealth of animal health resources online atÊwww.ohiovma.org.

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