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About OVMA

In a nutshell, we support veterinarians and the profession as a whole. But what does that mean to you?

OVMA provides education for all members of the veterinary team to keep them up to date on scientific advances—ensuring your animals get the best care possible.

OVMA monitors new legislation, regulatory modifications, and industry changes to assist veterinarians in following proper legal requirements and protocols, thus protecting your pets, family, and the community.

OVMA disseminates accurate, science-based information to keep the public informed of issues affecting pets, livestock, public health, and the food supply.

what veterinarians do

Treat multiple species.

Veterinarians are doctors, but unlike human physicians, they are educated on more than one species and must be able to diagnose conditions without being able to speak to their patients. While many do work in hospital settings, they also treat animals on farms, military deployments, and in laboratories.

what veterinarians do

Safeguard your food.

Veterinarians are involved in the meat inspection process, which helps guarantee a safe and healthy food supply for consumers. They also oversee the euthanasia of livestock to ensure animals receive a painless and humane death.

what veterinarians do

Discover new treatments.

Veterinarians work in research settings, where they develop new drugs and treatment methods. Not only do these discoveries improve animal health, but in many cases, the techniques are applicable to human medicine as well.

what veterinarians do

Protect human health.

Veterinarians are on the front lines of public health. Although they can't actually treat humans, they monitor and study diseases in an effort to prevent them from spreading to humans. Vaccinations and medications your veterinarian recommends don't just protect your animals. They protect you, too.

By the Numbers

The veterinary medical profession is more than pet animal doctors. But how big is its impact on the state of Ohio?

$3.7 Billion

Total wages paid to workers in the veterinary and animal industries

$13 Billion

Direct and indirect contribution to Ohio's economy


Ohio jobs related to the veterinary and animal industries

3,300 / 85

The number of veterinarians serving Ohio, and the number of Ohio counties that have at least one veterinarian, respectively

Source: Economic and Social Impacts of Veterinary Medicine in Ohio, 2017. See full report.