Forward Booking


As you may know, Ohio Veterinary Medical Association is an Associate Member of Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP), and we are pleased to announce a collaborative program between PHP, Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) and our association. We believe this initiative will have a significant impact on the health of your patients and your practice.

About the Program

This collaborative program focuses on the importance of forward booking, which simply means scheduling all patients’ next appointments before they leave your practice, regardless of the reason for their current visit. This includes medical progress exams and preventive healthcare exams. Forward booking ensures your patients receive the highest quality care at the right time.

You have probably been hearing about and maybe even considering implementing forward booking in your practice, but are not quite sure how to get started. With this program, you will have a straightforward, step-by-step process that will provide the entire practice team with the skills necessary to be successful.

To get started, go to the Partners for Healthy Pets website and download and read the one-page PDF titled, “The Key To Forward Booking.” It’s an easy guide that shows you how to use the tools to implement forward booking in your practice. As you familiarize yourself with the suite of tools, please keep in mind that we realize no single resource can apply to every practice, but you will know what will work best for your practice model.

OVMA is excited to provide this opportunity to you and your practice. By using these tools together, you will be able to successfully execute forward booking in your practice. The result will be healthier patients and a healthier practice!

Training Videos

Greeting Clients at the Front Desk
This less than 2-minute video demonstrates examples of how to effectively communicate about forward booking when clients first arrive at the practice.

Staff “Huddle”
This 3-minute video shows a short, informal team “huddle,” demonstrating how the management team communicates their support for forward booking and how the team members explain their perspectives.

Peer-To-Peer Support & Tips
This 2-minute video demonstrates how team members can provide peer-to-peer support that is important in implementing forward booking in a practice.

Doctor in the Exam Room
This 2-minute video gives a good example of how the practice veterinarian can help set expectations with the pet owner about forward booking by mentioning it at the end of the appointment.

Checking Out & Client Communication
This 2-minute video shows how the receptionist makes the next appointment for the pet before the client leaves the practice. The video demonstrates effective examples of how to handle client concerns and objections about forward booking.

End of Exam & Checking Out
This less than 2-minute video provides examples of effective ways for both the veterinarian and receptionist to talk about forward booking with clients and how to address client objections.

How to Implement Forward Booking in Your Practice
Award-winning practice consultant Karen Felsted will explain why forward booking is a necessity in your practice and how your peers are overcoming barriers and sharing success stories on forward booking implementation. After finishing the webinar, check out the coaching sessions to put these theories into practice.

Tools & Resources

The Key To Forward Booking Appointments: Unlock the Potential of a Best Practice for Your Practice
Use this guide as a roadmap to the forward booking tools below. When you put all the forward booking pieces together, the result is healthier patients and a healthier practice. Download »

Forward booking “how-to” training guide, Forward Booking Appointments: How to Fill Your Appointment Schedule
A 12-page training guide packed with everything you need to know about forward booking. The guide includes tips, examples of effective client-healthcare team conversations, and a “roles and responsibilities” checklist for every team member. Have your practice become a united front when it comes to booking ALL of your patients’ next appointments. Download »

Buttons: Need a reminder to book ALL of your patients' future appointments before they leave your practice? Click here to order buttons for your practice team to wear.

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Posters: Remind clients and team members that all patients’ next appointments should be on the books before they leave your practice. Click the images below to download high-resolution posters that can be framed in either an 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 14” format.

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