Food Animal Externship

Purpose of the Program

This externship opportunity has been established to facilitate the exploration of food animal medicine as a viable career path among veterinary medicine students. The program also encourages and supports OVMA food animal practitioners in developing mentorship opportunities and, potentially, future associate veterinarians.

Eligible Students

OVMA Student Members in their first, second, or third year of veterinary school are eligible to apply for a Food Animal Externship. OVMA also requires that student applicants be in good academic standing and provide a brief evaluation of their experience following the program.

Applications must be received by March 1.

See Also: Practice Eligibility Information ❯❯

I was able to gain experience working with many different species and apply the knowledge I gained in veterinary school to real-life situations. I found this to be an excellent learning experience, and I know that it has only added to my knowledge.
—Stephanie S., Student Extern