Membership Options

Payment Options

You are welcome to self-pay annually, but if you'd like to "set it and forget it," consider the following options:


We will automatically renew your membership when it expires. No muss, no fuss!

By signing up to Auto-Renewal, you agree to the you agree to the terms and conditions.

Auto-Monthly Payments

Break your dues payment into smaller chunks!

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Active Membership

practicing and/or residing in Ohio
$ 195or $16.25 per month

Holds a veterinary degree and is permitted to engage in veterinary medical activities under the laws of Ohio. Enjoys all benefits of membership.

New Graduate Membership

graduated within last two years
$ 120or $10 per month

Has graduated from a veterinary college within the past two years. Considered Active Members for purposes of enjoying benefits of membership and having the right to vote.

Recent grads pay the New Graduate Member rate for the two years following graduation; in the third year, they renew at the Active Member rate and receive a $100 voucher to the Midwest Veterinary Conference.

Resident/Intern Membership

currently in a post-graduate program
$ 65or $5.50 per month

Currently in a residency or internship program. Enjoys the same benefits of membership as Active Members.

Student Membership

attending accredited veterinary college
$ 30covers all 4 years

Open to veterinary students who are enrolled in or have been accepted to an accredited college of veterinary medicine. Student members have access to all benefits of membership, except voting.

After graduation, membership will automatically convert to New Graduate Membership for the duration of the year.

Military Membership

uniformed military and civil service
$ 65or $5.50 per month

Open to uniformed military and civil service veterinarians, including active and reservists, whose permanent address is or was in Ohio, and/or who previously were an OVMA member in another category. Enjoys all benefits of membership.

Affiliate Membership

out-of-state veterinarians
$ 65or $5.50 per month

A veterinarian who resides outside Ohio but wishes to enjoy OVMA membership information and access to benefits of membership (except for voting).

Sustaining Membership

retired or disabled
$ 65or $5.50 per month

A veterinarian who was an Active Member of the OVMA but is no longer engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine for financial consideration due to retirement or a disability. Enjoys all benefits of membership.

Note: OVMA verification is required.

Life Membership

Active Membership for 30+ years
$ 0no dues payment required

To be eligible for Life Membership, you must meet both of the following criteria:

  • Have been an Active Member of OVMA for 30 or more years (need not be consecutive), and
  • have either retired for practice or reached age 70.

Life Members continue to enjoy all benefits of membership without paying dues.

Are you eligible for Life Member status? Log in to the Members Only Center or contact us to find out and apply.

Note: The OVMA Board of Directors must confirm Life Membership requests.