Member Opportunities

Public Outreach & Education

Americans consistently rate veterinarians as among the most honest and trustworthy professionals — which affords you a unique opportunity to educate the public without the obstacles many other professions face.

Advocacy Opportunities

As a member of the veterinary community, you are best equipped to educate lawmakers on the realities of your profession and what is important to you!

The OVMA Grassroots Club makes it easy to connect with your elected officials on issues affecting veterinary medicine in Ohio. All it takes is a click of a button! Learn More❯❯

OVMA members are encouraged to sign up for the annual Legislative Day, during which participants meet with their legislators in order to educate them and share the veterinary perspective on current issues. Learn More❯❯

Educating the Public

Since 2006, OVMA has been the proud sponsor of the Veterinary Education & Birthing Center at the Ohio State Fair. Members with an interest in large animal medicine are invited to volunteer at the exhibit, where they can perform two animal demonstrations of their choice, answer questions, and encourage visitors to interact with livestock in a way many people never have the opportunity to do. Learn More❯❯

The Public Education Committee discusses timely topics and shares accurate information on veterinary-related issues via social media, educational videos, podcasts, and other means. Learn More❯❯

Educating the Profession

OVMA's new podcast, Fully Vetted, is designed to take a deeper look at the issues facing the profession. Members are encouraged not only to listen to the bi-weekly podcast, but also to participate by offering feedback, episode ideas, and even appearing on the show as a guest. Learn More❯❯

Giving Back

Volunteers have always been the core strength and driving force of OVMA—and the veterinary profession as a whole.

OVMA Committees & Task Forces

Put your skills and interests to good use as a volunteer! Members are encouraged to participate in a variety of standing committees and current events task forces—not only to advance the profession, but enhance their own professional skills and build their networks. Learn More❯❯

Board of Directors

OVMA is always looking for indidivuals with strong leadership skills to help guide the Association. As a member of the Board of Directors, you'll represent your colleagues and offer your unique perspective on policies, current legislation, and strategies. Learn More❯❯

Food Animal Externship

One of OVMA's core beliefs is the value of educatation, and for veterinary students, the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. The Food Animal Externship program provides financial support to members who want to offer that invaluable opportunity to future veterinarians. Learn More❯❯

Professional & Personal Development

OVMA members have the opportunity not only to improve the veterinary profession—but to improve themselves as well.

Power of 10 Leadership Program

OVMA offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to members who want to enhance their leadership skills and increase confidence in leadership situations. This free program is offered to members who express a strong interest in taking their careers and volunteerism to the next level. Learn More❯❯

A Community of Support

OVMA members have unlimited opportunities to connect and network with, offer advice to, and learn from one another. One such opportunity where members can come together is the new Member Community Facebook Group. Learn More❯❯