Veterinary license renewal and CE requirement

In January 2010, veterinarians will receive their biennial renewal application from the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board. (Veterinary licenses in Ohio renew in even numbered years, and technician registration occurs in odd numbered years). The license renewal and accompanying fee of $155 is due by March 1. Those in academia or with a government diagnostic laboratory who have obtained a limited license will not renew until later (July 1). If you have relocated within the past two years and have not shared your new address with the Veterinary Licensing Board, you should do so now. The Licensing Board requires that address notifications be in writing, which can be faxed to 614-644-9038 or e-mailed to [email protected]. In keeping with Ohio Revised Code Section 4741.16, at the time of license renewal you are also required to attest that you have met the 30-hour continuing education requirement during “the two years immediately preceding renewal.” What constitutes appropriate continuing education for credit is outlined in Rule 4741-1-11 of the Ohio Administrative Code. Of the required 30 hours of continuing education per renewal, 20 hours must be from board-approved programs that are scientific and directly related to the practice of veterinary medicine. Licensing Board-approved CE can come from a variety of state, local and national organizations that submit their programs for OVMLB approval. If you are not sure if a program can be counted towards the 20 hours, you should check with the CE provider. All OVMA one-day scientific programs and the Midwest Veterinary Conference are approved. The remaining 10 required hours may come from areas such “alternative medicine, practice management, public relations, and personal growth.” Education gained from reading professional journals or taking auto-tutorials may also be counted in this area. Programs and CE resources in the 10 hour “non-scientific” category do not have to been formally reviewed and approved by the Board to be accepted. As always, the OVMA would be glad to assist with any general questions about continuing education and license renewal. For specific individual inquires about your veterinary license or the Licensing Board’s review of CE programs, we would suggest speaking to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board directly at (614) 644-5281.

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