Notice: District 8 Election

In accordance with the OVMA By-Laws, notice is provided that the OVMA Nominating Committee has placed Dr. Jeff Fink in nomination for re-election as a District 8 Representative to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association Board of Directors. If elected, he will serve a new three-year term, expiring on March 1, 2015. Dr. Fink was elected last year to fill the remaining one year of a District 8 Representative term. Additional nominations for the District 8 Representative may be made by contacting the OVMA office at 800.662.6862. If no additional nominations are received within 10 days (Feb. 6, 2012), Dr. Fink will be deemed duly elected in accordance with Section 3 of the OVMA By-Laws, and his respective new term will commence on March 1, 2012.

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