OVMA testifies in support of House Bill 79

OVMA member and former state representative Dr. Shawn Webster testified in support of Ohio House Bill 79 on Wednesday, April 14. The bill would remove pit bulls as automatically being deemed vicious under Ohio law at birth simply because of their breed. Dr. Webster testified before the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, citing that the current “vicious dog” label on pit bulls is unenforceable and unfairly stigmatizes the breed. Dr. Webster introduced similar legislation when he served in the House of Representatives. OVMA has supported repeal of the current provisions in law that automatically deem pit bulls and their owners subject to the requirements of a vicious dog under state law. OVMA’s policy on dangerous animal legislation mirrors that of the AVMA, conveying that state, county and municipal dangerous animal legislation should not refer to specific breeds or classes of animals. House Bill 79 is sponsored by Rep. Barbara Sears from Lucas County. No further hearings have been scheduled on the bill at this time.

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