OVMA responds to footage from Plain City dairy farm

The organization Mercy For Animals today released footage from an undercover investigation at Plain City-based Conklin Dairy Farms. The video, recorded over the past month, depicts numerous acts of animal cruelty by several farm employees, including owner Gary Conklin. During the four-week operation, Mercy For Animals investigator documented farm workers twisting cows’ tails until broken, kicking downer cows in the face and neck, stabbing animals with pitchforks, beating restrained cows with pitchforks, and other violent acts the participants reportedly boasted about. The footage was handed over to the Union County Prosecuting Attorney, who this afternoon announced that one individual shown in the video is now in custody. An investigation by the Union County Sheriff’s Office and Humane Society is underway. To view the video, visit theÊMercy For AnimalsÊWeb site. (WARNING: The video contains graphic footage that may be disturbing.) OVMA Statement:

The actions depicted in the video footage from Conklin Dairy Farm in Plain City, Ohio, reflect clear and disturbing acts of animal cruelty. The actions of the individuals in the video are heinous, and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of OhioÕs animal cruelty law. The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association joins all responsible and caring Ohioans in condemning the violent way these animals were treated. These rare but unsettling actions point to the timeliness and value of the new Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. The BoardÕs job of providing a meaningful examination and enforcement of appropriate standards for OhioÕs farm animals will help put an end to the type of egregious activities displayed in the Conklin Dairy Farm video.

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