Ohio House strikes down “inherently vicious” designation of pit bulls

The Ohio House of Representatives this afternoon struck down the long-held designation of pit bulls as inherently vicious under Ohio law. The modification to the law was made as an amendment to House Bill 55, which proposes to modify Ohio’s animal cruelty statutes and allows for animals to be included in domestic dispute protection orders. Currently, pit bulls are designated as “vicious” under Ohio law, triggering various requirements for their owners, including special insurance. The amendment to eliminate the breed discriminatory provision in Ohio law passed by a vote of 86-10, and HB 55 as amended was approved 93 to 3. Ohio is the only state in the country to designate pit bulls as inherently vicious under state law. Both the OVMA and AVMA have long opposed breed discrimination language in law. OVMA supported the amendment to HB 55 , as well as the bill as passed. The legislation now goes to the Ohio Senate for consideration.

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