AVMA launches new resources for veterinarians and veterinary students

The Student Externship Locator and the Training and Service Opportunities in Conservation, Environmental, Wildlife, and Zoological Medicine are resources which have recently been developed by the AVMA in response to membership need. Each of these databases continues to grow as relevant programs are submitted by universities, practices, agencies and organizations. TheÊStudent Externship LocatorÊis designed to help veterinary students find externships. This database allows students to view externships by state, special interest, or see what schools and organizations have to offer. In addition, State Veterinary Association’s “Find a Vet” pages have been included in this site to enable viewers the option of searching by certain areas and then contacting those in the results directly to see if they offer externships. TheÊTraining and Service Opportunities in Conservation, Environmental, Wildlife, and Zoological Medicine databaseÊis a searchable central location of contact information for a variety externships, internships, residencies, graduate programs, and work experience opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary students interested in these areas of veterinary medicine. These sometimes hard-to-find, unique programs can provide veterinarians and students options in gaining real-life experiences, either paid or unpaid, within these disciplines. With diverse programs ranging in length from days to years, and locations ranging from domestic to international, the database facilitates users finding experience-building opportunities that match their interest and fit into their schedules. This resource was spearheaded by the AVMA’sÊCommittee on Environmental Issues. Programs may be submitted by their hosts for inclusion in this database by following the “Submit a Program” link on the database’s main page. ÑFrom the AVMA

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