Veterinary Medicine & the Media: Confident Communication is Key

Veterinary professionals are, on the whole, an introverted bunch—so when it comes to talking to the media, many would rather express anal glands or tell an owner their beloved Princess Sophia is obese than be interviewed for the news. But with the population of pet owners growing larger every day, and the volume of unreliable sources increasing exponentially, it is more important than ever to ensure the public is getting accurate information from the actual experts.

In this new Fully Vetted series, Mia and Krysten are joined by the dynamic Dr. Courtney Campbell, whose experience with the media is extensive: For starters, he’s a regular guest on The Doctors, was a co-host of Nat Geo’s Pet Talk for two seasons, and is the recipient of the 2020 Excellence in Journalism and Contributions to the Pet Industry Award.

In the first half of the conversation, Dr. Courtney shares how his path led him to become a veterinarian and spokesperson for the profession. We discuss the concept of “edutainment” (or educational entertainment), the evolution of the media, and how it intersects with veterinary medicine. Most importantly, he explains the key elements of a successful media interview—and you might be surprised to learn how simple they are!

In the second part, Dr. Courtney offers advice for how to overcome pre-interview jitters, what to do—and not do—when accepting a media invitation, and how to handle questions that are outside the scope of discussion. We also talk about what to do when confronted with a controversial issue.

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