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State budget passes sans sales tax on services expansion

Taxes on veterinary services were removed from the Legislature-approved state budget bill, but will the issue reappear in the future?

Taxes on veterinary services were removed from the Legislature-approved state budget bill, but will the issue reappear in the future?

Late last week, the Ohio legislature gave its final approval of the new state biennial budget bill, signed on Sunday by the governor. The 5,300-plus-page bill covering more than $60 billion in state expenditures makes numerous changes, including ones in state tax policy. Notably the tax changes do not include an expansion in the state sales tax to a variety of professional services, including those for veterinary medicine. Read more

OVMA has moved!

moving Beginning May 6, OVMA’s new contact information is as follows: Mailing Address:Ê 1472 Manning Parkway Powell, Ohio 43065 (map) Phone Number:Ê 614.436.1300 Fax Number:Ê 614.436.1301 Our Web site, toll-free number, and e-mail addresses are all the same.

Memorial service for former long-time OVMA employee set

A memorial service for Barbara Madison, OVMA employee for 42 years prior to her retirement in 2003, has been set for next Saturday, April 20,Êat 1 p.m. at the Worthington Presbyterian Church, 773 N. High St. in Worthington, Ohio. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine Ophthalmology Residency (1900 Coffey Rd. VMAB 125L, Columbus, OH 43210) or to the Dublin-Worthington Rotary Foundation ( P.O. Box 181, Worthington, OH 43085) or a charity of choice. The obituary for Barbara can be viewed at:

2013 MVC attendance highest since 2009

This year’s Midwest Veterinary Conference drew a four-year record of 5,884 veterinary professionals, with notable increases in technician, student and exhibitor attendance. Read more

OVMA speaks out against governor’s plan to tax veterinary services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COLUMBUS, OHIO — MARCH 6, 2013 — In response to the new state budget bill, Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) Executive Director Jack Advent will testify today against the addition of a sales tax to veterinary services. Previously exempt, veterinarians, along with many other service providers, now face charging sales tax to their clients if the bill passes. Read more

Haines steps up as president of Ohio VMA; former Public Health Veterinarian honored

Dr. Patricia Haines accepts the gavel of the OVMA president from Dr. Ryan Zimmerman

Dr. Patricia Haines accepts the gavel of the OVMA president from Dr. Ryan Zimmerman

COLUMBUS, OHIO — MARCH 6, 2013 — Dr. Patricia Haines was recently elected to the position of President of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA). At an awards ceremony at OVMA’s annual Midwest Veterinary Conference (MVC) in February, Dr. Haines formally accepted the position from outgoing President Dr. Ryan Zimmerman of Fremont.

“I am honored to represent the veterinarians of Ohio as President of the OVMA,” Dr. Haines said. “Our profession will be continually called upon to provide leadership and education in the care and treatment of all animals. We must provide responses that are reasoned and responsible to encourage resolution, not conflict.” Read more

OAHF Board approves funding for wild animal relocation efforts

The Ohio Animal Health Foundation Board of Directors has approved funding and a plan to assist with relocation efforts of wild animals currently in Ohio. With an initial $30,000 in funds committed, the OAHF is looking to award grants with established non-profit sanctuaries who can house and care for animals that need to be moved as a result of Senate Bill 310. The grant guidelines stipulate that assistance can be requested for relocation, housing, veterinary care and general care and feeding of species needing a new sanctuary home as a result of owners relinquishing their animals under Ohio’s new law. Complete grant guidelines can be found at, and those wishing to add needed resources to the Foundation’s initial funding commitment can make a donation of any amount at the Web site by clicking on the DONATE NOW button.

OVMAÕs new building offers more space, convenient location

new office

The OVMA’s new headquarters located in Powell, Ohio, will offer more space for volunteer activities and easy highway access.

The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association has just purchased a new office building, located north of Columbus in Powell, Ohio. The building will offer expanded space for volunteer activities. Read more

Responsible pet ownership the focus of OVMA radio commercial

During the holiday gift-giving season, it is not uncommon for well-meaning animal lovers to give pets as presents. Although veterinarians know this is usually not a good idea, many people fail to consider all aspects of responsible pet ownership before getting or giving a pet. As part of its public outreach campaign, OVMA is airing educational commercials on ONN radio stations across the state. The fourth and final commercial of 2012 will air in December and deal with responsible pet ownership. OVMA invites members toÊlink to the commercialÊfrom their Web sites and social media profiles to help educate their clients about the responsibilities that come with owning an animal. Read more

OAHF golf tournament raises nearly $7,000

Fore Animals Classic - rgb

Wednesday marked the fifth annual Ohio Animal Health Foundation’s Fore Animals Classic. Fifty-six players joined OAHF at Bent Tree Golf Club in Sunbury, raising nearly $7,000 for animal-related projects and research. Congratulations to our prize winners at the 2012 Fore Animals Classic:

Read more

NIOSH launches veterinary safety & health website

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), an Institute of the CDC, has developed a Web page on Veterinary Safety and Health. The main Web page and its linked sub-pages contain a compilation of information and resources about hazard prevention and infection control, and physical, chemical, biological, and other hazards to veterinary personnel.ÊThe new site may be accessed atÊ

OVMA affected by recent severe weather

AsÊa result of the weekend’s severe weather, the OVMA office is without Internet access and air conditioning. As such, please be aware that we may be operating under shortened hours until these issues are resolved. Until then, we will have limited access to email but will do our best to respond in a timely fashion. If you need immediate assistance, you may contact Êus by phone at 614.486.7253; if we are unavailable, please leave a message and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience as we work toward resolving these issues.

OVMA to relocate to temporary office

Due to the fire that damaged the OVMA office, the staff will be relocating temporarily to a new office, located at: 3300 Riverside Drive Suite 125 Columbus OH 43221 The phone number will remain 614.486.7253 / 800.866.OVMA, and the post office will be forwarding our mail. We anticipate being in this location for three months while our building is undergoing repairs. We also expect to be reachable by phone beginning Friday, June 8. Until then, please contact us by e-mail and we will be answer as soon as we are able. Thank you again for your understanding.

OVMA communication temporarily down due to building fire

OVMA fire Early this morning, the fire department responded to a fire at the OVMA office. Fortunately, the fire was extinguished quickly and no one was hurt. However, the building does not have electricity and consequently we will be unable to answer any phone calls or faxes. We expect to be up and running in a temporary office early next week; in the interim, we will have access to email but may not be able to respond immediately. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

House approves wild & dangerous animal bill

The Ohio House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 310, the dangerous and wild animal bill, Tuesday afternoon by an 87-9 vote. The Senate subsequently concurred in House amendments in its session yesterday, sending the bill to Gov. Kasich for signature. The law will go into effect 90 days after being signed, and 60 days after that, owners of species of wild and dangerous animals and dangerous snakes will be required to register with the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Wild & dangerous animal legislation passes through House committee

After incorporating several amendments, SB 310 passed out of House Agriculture Committee last night by a 17-4 vote (Boose, Buchy, Damschroder, and Hagan). Amendments include:

  • Lower registration fees
  • Creating an wild animal emergency response commission
  • Allowing for municipal ordinances to adopt stricter regulations than the state
  • Prohibiting the ODA Director from adding additional animals to the list in the future without the approval of the Ohio General Assembly
  • Stipulating that owners of pygmy, white-tufted-ear, silvery and black penciled marmosets; squirrel monkeys; brown, white-faced, weeping and white-fronted capuchins; and lemurs must register their animal and abide by care guidelines. They would not be subject to fees or any other prohibitions or provisions of the bill including new ownership of the same.

The full House is expected to act on the bill next week, after which it will be sent to Gov. John Kasich for his signature.

Don’t miss OVMA’s spring CE program!

On May 16, you are invited to join OVMA at the Toledo Zoo for “Avian, Reptile & Pocket Pet Medicine for the Small Animal Practice.” Attendees will learn about exotic animal nutrition for parrots, routine small mammals and reptiles; exotic pet client education and husbandry; exotic animal restraint and demonstrations with parrots, routine small mammals and reptiles; basic emergency care for avian and reptile patients; and to spay or not to spay the small mammal? Cap the day off with your choice of zoo tours. More information and registration can be found on the OVMA Educational Programs page.

Clinics seeking students for Food Animal Externship program

Food Animal ExternshipThe OVMA has selected seven Ohio clinics to participate in the 2012 Food Animal Externship program. Each participating organization will receive funds to host one or more students for a hands-on learning experience this summer. OVMA Student Members who are interested in pursuing placement with one of these clinics should contact them directly. Each practice will select a student or students based on their own criteria; the only stipulation is that applying students be a member of the OVMA. Read more

Make your voice heard! Sign up for OVMA Legislative Day

Legislative Day 2012 Want to have an impact on veterinary medicine in Ohio? Now’s your chance to make your voice heard! OVMA Members are invited to participate in the 6th annual Legislative Day, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 18. Participants will learn about legislative issues impacting veterinary medicine and animal care in Ohio and meet one-on-one with elected officials. This is your chance to educate your representative and senator about issues affecting the veterinary profession and develop an invaluable relationship with your legislators. Members who would like to participate in this free event can sign up online or by contacting OVMA directly by e-mail at or phone at 800.662.6862. Details on the event can be found on the 2012 OVMA Legislative Day page. The deadline for registration is April 4.

Deadline approaching to apply for 2012 Food Animal Externship

Veterinary practices interested in applying for the 2012 Food Animal Externship have until April 1 to submit an application for consideration. The program was established primarily to encourage students to explore food animal medicine and get hands-on experience in the field. In addition, it providesÊsupport to OVMA food animal practitioners in developing mentorship opportunities and, potentially, future associate veterinarians. To qualify for the program, interested practices must be located in Ohio,Êand at least half of the practicing veterinarians must be members in good standing with the OVMA. In addition, food animal medicine should make up at least 25 percent of your practice’s activity. Approved practices will be awarded grants of up to $1,500 to assist in the cost of hosting a student extern. Student Members of the OVMAÊin their first, second or third year of veterinary school are eligible to apply for an externship. For additional details and to apply, visit the OVMA Food Animal Externship page online. Applications must be submitted by April 1 for consideration.

OVMA testifies in support of wild and dangerous animal legislation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COLUMBUS, OHIO _ MARCH 22, 2012 Ð The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) testified yesterday in support of Senate Bill 310, which would regulate the ownership of dangerous and wild animals in Ohio. The OVMA has long advocated that the private ownership of certain species should either be prohibited or significantly restricted, a policy in line with that of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Read more

MVC attendance highest in three years

Attendance from the 2012 Midwest Veterinary Conference shows increases in both the core audience and overall attendance in comparison with the 2010 and 2011 Conferences. Read more

OVMA names Glauer 2011 Ohio Veterinarian of the Year

Dr. Dave Glauer, former State Veterinarian and technical writer for the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, was recognized with the OVMA's highest honor, Veterinarian of the Year.

Dr. Dave Glauer, former State Veterinarian and technical writer for the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, was recognized with the OVMA’s highest honor, Veterinarian of the Year.

COLUMBUS, OHIO — MARCH 1, 2012 —Former State Veterinarian David Glauer was recently recognized with the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association’s (OVMA) highest honor, the Veterinarian of the Year Award. This award, presented by OVMA’s outgoing President Dr. Linda Lord, recognizes one individual for outstanding contributions, dedication and service to the veterinary profession, the community and the animal kingdom. Read more

OVMA recognizes Winsley, Shriver, Washington for contributions to veterinary medicine

Bill Winsley, former executive director of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, was honored with the OVMA Special Achievement Award.

Bill Winsley, former executive director of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, was honored with the OVMA Special Achievement Award.

COLUMBUS, OHIO — MARCH 1, 2012 — Three local individuals were recognized by Ohio Veterinary Medical Association’s (OVMA) outgoing President Dr. Linda Lord for their contributions to veterinary medicine and the community during awards ceremonies at the annual Midwest Veterinary Conference (MVC), Feb. 23-26.

Ohio Board of Pharmacy’s recently retired Executive Director Bill Winsley was honored with the OVMA’s Special Achievement Award for his exemplary record of service and dedication to the veterinary profession.

Read more

Zimmerman assumes position as president of state veterinary association

Outgoing OVMA President Dr. Linda Lord passes the gavel to incoming President Dr. Ryan Zimmerman at an awards ceremony held at the annual Midwest Veterinary Conference.

Outgoing OVMA President Dr. Linda Lord passes the gavel to incoming President Dr. Ryan Zimmerman at an awards ceremony held at the annual Midwest Veterinary Conference.

COLUMBUS, OHIO — MARCH 1, 2012 — Fremont veterinarian Ryan Zimmerman was recently elected to the position of President of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA). At an awards ceremony at OVMA’s annual Midwest Veterinary Conference in late February, Dr. Zimmerman formally accepted the position from outgoing President Dr. Linda Lord of Columbus. Read more

Gov. Kasich signs HB 14 into law

VICIOUS DOG (Sears, B.) To remove pit bulls from the definition of “vicious dog” in state law, to establish a process by which owners, keepers, or harborers of dogs that have been designated as nuisance, dangerous, or vicious may appeal that designation, to define a “nuisance dog,” to change the definitions of a “dangerous dog” and a “vicious dog,” to require the owner of a dangerous dog to obtain a dangerous dog registration certificate, to prohibit certain felons from owning dogs under certain conditions, and to change the penalties involving ownership of nuisance, dangerous, and vicious dogs. Signed: February 21, 2012; Effective: in 90 days

MVC introduces first-ever smartphone app

Whether you’re a seasoned MVC attendee or it’s your first time, the new Midwest Veterinary Conference mobile app is a handy tool that will help you navigate the fast lane at this year’s event! Read more

Notice: District 8 Election

In accordance with the OVMA By-Laws, notice is provided that the OVMA Nominating Committee has placed Dr. Jeff Fink in nomination for re-election as a District 8 Representative to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association Board of Directors. If elected, he will serve a new three-year term, expiring on March 1, 2015. Dr. Fink was elected last year to fill the remaining one year of a District 8 Representative term. Additional nominations for the District 8 Representative may be made by contacting the OVMA office at 800.662.6862. If no additional nominations are received within 10 days (Feb. 6, 2012), Dr. Fink will be deemed duly elected in accordance with Section 3 of the OVMA By-Laws, and his respective new term will commence on March 1, 2012.

CCPDT approves MVC credit for trainers, behavior consultants

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) has approved 21 CEUs for trainers and 21 CEUs for behavior consultants who attend the 2012 Midwest Veterinary Conference. For more details on CCPDT-approved continuing education credit that can be obtained at the 2012 MVC, please visit the organization’s website.

OVMA’s Observer wins silver award in national media contest

The OVMA's newsletter, The Observer, has been given a Silver Award from Association TRENDS, which sponsors an annual media contest for associations across the country.

Bethesda, MD (Dec. 22, 2011) ÑÊThe Ohio Veterinary Medical Association has been honored with a Silver Award in the Most Improved Magazine or Journal category of Association TRENDSÕ 2011 All-Media Contest. It was one of more than 450 entries in the association publications contest. “We are extremely pleased to be considered one of the country’s top association publications,”Êsaid Communications Director Krysten Pyles. “We have worked diligently to improveÊThe Observerand it is a great honor to be recognizedÊalongside so many respected state and national associations.” Read more