Biggie takes on role of OVMA’s top dog

During the annual OVMA Member Business Meeting, outgoing President Dr. Greg Hass passed the gavel of the OVMA President to Dr. Ed Biggie, who officially assumed his post on March 1.

The ceremony, traditionally held during the annual Midwest Veterinary Conference, took place via video conference on Feb. 19.

Greg Hass, DVM

“I’ve been impressed and very proud of our members,” Dr. Hass said in reflecting on the unprecedented last year. “Your sacrifices, empathy, and professionalism have not gone unnoticed.”

After recapping the challenges the OVMA and its members faced during the tumultuous year, Dr. Hass highlighted the Association’s accomplishments—including the formation of a diversity, equity, and inclusion task force; the creation of the Animal Abuse Recognition & Reporting Handbook; the passage of several key pieces of legislation; and the OVMA’s ability to shift the Midwest Veterinary Conference from an in-person conference to a virtual event.

Dr. Biggie thanked Dr. Hass for his service and formally accepted the gavel of the President from his home in Millersport.

Ed Biggie, DVM

“With each new adversity, Dr. Hass has risen to the challenge. I hope to build on his experience as we continue to navigate the waters of this global pandemic,” he said. “Thank you for this opportunity to give back to a profession that has meant so much to me in my 30 years as a mixed-animal practitioner.”

A 1990 graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Biggie is a partner and head surgeon at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services in Millersport, where his main focus is small animal orthopedics and general surgery. A longtime member of the OVMA Board of Directors, he has served as District 9 Representative, Secretary, Vice President, and President-Elect. In his free time, Dr. Biggie enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and woodworking—something he acknowledges helps him decompress after a long day at the clinic.

“In our desire to help and take care of our patients and clients, we sometimes lose sight of our own wellbeing,” he continued, adding that he chose to record his acceptance speech from his own “refuge”: His wood shop. “We need to remember, more than ever, the importance of taking some time for ourselves.”

If in doubt, he said, turn to OVMA for assistance and support.

“The OVMA has many resources,” Dr. Biggie said in closing. “We’re here for you. Remember, the OVMA is Our Veterinary Medical Association.”

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