Veterinary Forensic Files: Investigating & Prosecuting Animal Crimes

With the proliferation of police dramas and true crime podcasts, everyone’s a forensic expert these days. But when it comes to animal crimes—such as hoarding and fighting—far fewer people can claim to be an authority. And with the plethora of studies showing a link between animal abuse and violence against humans, forensic veterinary medicine is an important part of today’s criminal justice system.

In this episode, recorded at the 2020 Midwest Veterinary Conference in February, Mia and David sit down with Dr. Melinda Merck, a trailblazer who literally wrote the book on forensic veterinary medicine. She shares how she became the leading expert in the field; how veterinarians assist law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting not only crimes against animals, but people as well; and the number one way the veterinary community can speak for animals.

In part two, we continue our Meet the Board series with OVMA District 3 Representative Dr. Diana Cron.

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