Cleveland organization hosts “Celebrating One Health” event

On Tuesday, June 15, a unique event in the area of medicine, education, and research will take place. The van Bakeren Foundation (vBF), an organization started by an animal health and research professional, is hosting this event titled “Celebrating One Health” at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The event, running from 6 to 9 p.m., will kick off the organization’s new mission focused on ridding the region of diseases caused by roundworms, while providing educational and collaborative opportunities for both animal and human health professionals. Key early contributors to this event include the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), and parasite research experts from Cornell University. Aside from an introduction about The van Bakeren Foundation by Executive Director and OVMA Member Dr. Anna van Heeckeren, other speakers and topics will cover what is known about the impact that roundworms have on animal and human health, and how the environment plays a role in why this parasite is still a problem. “The reason this event is unique is because the diseases caused by roundworms affect both animals and people, yet rarely do veterinarians and medical practitioners work together on solutions,” says Anna van Heeckeren, M.S., DVM, founder of The van Bakeren Foundation. “Hosting this event breaks new ground and has us moving forward with great momentum.” Some initial interest for vBF has been gathered from key local organizations as well as some in national and international research and medical areas. These organizations have already been in contact with vBF and expressed interest in either a partnership or programmatic relationship, or co-developing new programs. Updated information on the event as well as on The van Bakeren Foundation, including details on donating and volunteering, can be found on theÊvBF Web site.

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