OVMA selects Scipioni as recipient of leadership award

Catherine Scipioni has been selected as the recipient of the 2010-11 OVMA Leadership in Veterinary Medicine Scholarship. The scholarship was established to honor Immediate Past President Dr. John Weale and his contributions to the organization. It recognizes one OVMA Student Member who exhibits strong leadership skills and a passion for veterinary medicine. Catherine was selected from a pool of candidates, all of whom showed “true characteristics of leadership,” said Dr. Weale in selecting her as the recipient of the $500 scholarship. “I have always felt that community service is integral to being considered a true professional,” Catherine wrote in her application. “In no other profession have I found this to be more evident than in veterinary medicine.” In addition to being an OVMA Member, Catherine is the Student Government Class of 2012 Secretary and participates in SCAVMA, SVECCS and SCACVIM. “As a practicing veterinarian, I hope to continue being active in my local community and to continue motivating others to do the same,” she said.  

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