In the Big Leagues: Large Animal Medicine for Technicians

Veterinary technicians play a vital role on critical care and surgical teams, but are they ready to deal with large animal emergencies? Many vet tech schools barely scratch the surface on large animal care, leaving grads unprepared for this area of veterinary medicine. But when the stakes skyrocket—along the odds of injury to both human and animals—knowing how to handle any situation is vital.

In this episode of Fully Vetted, we continue our 2022 Midwest Veterinary Conference Preview Series with Shana Lemmenes, who specializes in equine veterinary nursing and is a self-described emergency junkie. She joins us to talk about her own career path and give listeners a sneak peek into her upcoming sessions on large animal emergency care.

Feeling underprepared for large animal emergencies? Join Shana at the MVC on Thursday and Friday (Feb. 17 and 18) in the Technician II track to learn about equine emergency care, bandaging for large animals, common surgical procedures, and more.

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