Veterinary Telemedicine: Embracing the Technology

Now more than ever, businesses around the world—including veterinary practices—are worried about how they’ll stay afloat during the uncertain and fast-changing climate. The answer? Telemedicine.

Even without a global public health emergency, telemedicine is an invaluable tool to have in your arsenal. In its most basic form, it allows practices to treat patients near and far, as well as offer additional choices that fit the needs of a wider range of clients. But these benefits, while useful, just scratch the surface of what you can expect to gain from this growing trend.

In this episode, recorded at the 2020 Midwest Veterinary Conference, Mia and David are joined by MVC speaker Dr. Aaron Smiley, a self-described telemedicine guru. We’ll delve in to what telemedicine truly is (hint: it’s not as foreign as you think!); how you can leverage technology to streamline and monetize the process; and why it can improve your practice, your client relationships, and even your overall wellbeing.

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