World Veterinary Day celebrates vets’ contributions to animals, people, society

World Vet Day LogoÊCOLUMBUS, OHIO Ñ APRIL 25, 2011 Ñ This Saturday, the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) will join the global veterinary community in celebrating World Veterinary Day. Observed annually on the last Saturday in April, this year’s event is aimed at raising awareness of rabies prevention and control. Although it’s not widely publicized in the U.S., rabies is alive and well. The most fatal infectious disease in the world, rabies causes more than 55,000 human deaths annually in Africa and Asia alone. Nearly all infections are caused by bites from infected dogs. The bad news is, this disease is highly infectious and almost always fatal if untreated. The good news is, it’s completely preventable! As highly trained individuals with advanced medical knowledge, veterinarians are actively involved in the prevention and control of illnesses that affect both animals and people Ñ including the deadly rabies disease. The OVMA encourages all animal owners to do their part in preventing rabies infections in both animals and humans by keeping your pets and livestock up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations. Vaccination is the most effective Ñ and simplest Ñ way to protect your family and pets. In addition to helping to prevent the spread of rabies, veterinarians are trained in various disciplines that include caring for the health of pets, livestock, and animals in zoos, racetracks and laboratories. Behind the scenes, veterinarians help ensure community health by protecting people against diseases carried by animals, maintaining a safe and wholesome food supply, promoting a healthy environment, researching current conditions and illnesses, and educating future veterinarians. Veterinarians don’t just take care of your cats and dogs Ñ they take care of you, too! They play a vital role in human health as well. If you haven’t already, take World Veterinary Day as an opportunity to thank your veterinarian for all he or she does for you, your pets, and your community!   Learn More:

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