Teva Animal Health recalls ketamine hydrochloride products

The FDA announced a nationawide voluntary recall of ketamine hydrochloride injectable (100mg/ml, 10 ml vials), manufactured by Teva Animal Health, Inc. Not all Teva products are affected by the recall. Teva Animal Health also manufactures ketamine hydrochloride products for other companies. These products are sold under various brand names and can include the following:

  • AmTech Group, Inc. (Ketamine Hydrochloride Injection, USP)
  • Butler (KetaThesia)
  • LLOYD Laboratories (VetaKet)
  • Phoenix (Ketaject)
  • RXV (Keta-Sthetic)
  • VEDCO (KetaVed)
  • Fort Dodge/Pfizer (Ketaset)

Teva Animal Health does not distribute products internationally. Teva Animal Health is not the only manufacturer of ketamine hydrochloride in the U.S. and not all products sold under the above-listed names are affected. Therefore, regardless of the brand name on the product, look at the lot number on all ketamine hydrochloride (100 mg/ml in 10 ml vials) products.

  • If the lot number is 6 numeric digits, the product is NOT part of the recall.
  • If the lot number is 7 numeric digits, the product should be returned.
  • If the lot number starts with “5401”ÊÑ regardless of the number of digits or the presence of letters in the lot codeÊÑ the product should be returned.
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