Inside the Complaint Department: Common Licensing Board Cases

As part of their official duties, members of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board review a wide variety of complaints from pet owners and concerned citizens. Most are minor, some egregious, still others outside their jurisdiction—and don’t forget the occasional absurd complaint. But if a veterinarian or technician is the subject of a complaint, no matter how big or small the grievance is, the situation is stressful.

In this episode of Fully Vetted, OVMLB executive director Theresa Stir and board member Dr. Nancy O’Connor join us to explain what the most common violations are, how to respond to a notification from the board, and what the investigation process looks like. They also share some of the most outrageous complaints they’ve received during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In part two, we resume our “Meet the Board” series with OVMA Student Representative, Hailey Bryan.

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