Liquid Gold: Hunting for Treasure in Tinkle

It’s definitely not glamorous, but conducting urinalyses is a necessary part of veterinary medicine—and a critical component of ensuring animal wellness. Because so many health issues can be identified by examining the urine, it really is liquid gold! But how can you ensure you get the most out of this simple, everyday test?

In this episode of Fully Vetted, we chat with Dr. Joseph Bartges, who gives us a sneak peek into his pet animal sessions at the 2022 MVC. A professor at the University of Georgia, Dr. Bartges is best known for his research and publications in veterinary nephrology, urology, and nutrition.

To learn more about urinalysis techniques, urinary tract and bladder infections, urine stones, and more, sign up for Dr. Bartges’ Pet Animal Urinary sessions on Friday, Feb. 18. This track will be recorded and made available to virtual and hybrid attendees for on-demand access following the MVC.

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